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Premium Advertising

escortintokyo.com offers banner advertising opportunities that are available to individuals and companies that we believe are a good fit for our highly targeted unique audience.

As you may have noticed, the price of a featured advertisement is ¥2700 per calendar month, but we also offer 2 banner types from premium advertisers: Side Banners and Header Banner.

Side Banner costs ¥20000 per calendar month for a 300x250px or 300x300px banner (will be visible on all category pages as well as on the frontpage).

The price of the Header Banner is ¥45000 per calendar month. There is only one spot for Header Banner and it is a perfect spot to advertise at escortintokyo.com and especially for our mobile visitors. The default Header Banner size is 468x60px, but we can always have a little larger banners as well.

Don’t worry if banner prices are too high for you – you can always post free ads and times by times do try and test featured ads. If you do choose to promote your ad to a featured ad, after filling all the details you will be taken to paypal page to make a payment that will have all the details about the transaction and the ID of your advertisement. The featured advertisement will be released only after I will see that the payment has been successful.

Curious about banner advertising, but not sure? Please send me your 300x250px banner and I will publish it free of charge for 1 month in order for you evaluate its impact on your business (offer applies ONLY to established Tokyo based escorts companies, clubs).

Yes, another thing – please use your company email address not gmail, hotmail or yahoo addresses (I need to know that I am talking to a real company).

Please ask send me your questions if I haven’t answered some.

Warm Regards,
Helmuts Meskonis
Media Tower Limited
United Kingdom

p.s. Please Note: We reserve the right to return a full refund and not accept some banner without written explanations.