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If you experience technical or other problems with "Escort in Tokyo" - contact me and I will try to deal with it.

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Restrictions to non-users

Blog November 6, 2016

This is another short update – from now on, you must be registered and logged-in to be able to leave a comment and/or be able to use the contact form that allows you sending direct letters to advertisers.

be well 😉

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We have moved to much faster server

Blog February 13, 2016

A quick update – we (escortintokyo.com) have just moved to a brand new dedicated server of mine, based in Amsterdam, Holland, Europe.

.. the loading speeds should be much, much better.

+ some new exciting features are coming up 😉 #hushhush


skype: mediatower

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The website has been updated..

Blog February 10, 2016

Hi there, I have just completed an update escortintokyo.com as promised before.

Loads of bugs have been eliminated in this process and probably there are some new ones in the bushes 🙂 Please, let me know if you have any problems with the website after it has been updated and I will sort it out asap.

Another new thing is interactive map: http://escortintokyo-com.stackstaging.com/tokyo-escorts-map/ where people can see the location of Tokyo escorts/clubs in order to be able to satisfy their need for the lust within shortest time possible (by finding the closest escorts).

Till next time,


p.s. btw, you can always contact me via skype: mediatower (but please mention the reason first – I get way too many sellers of seo/wed design services over there).

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Planing updates..

Blog February 3, 2016

Good morning,

This weekend (February 6th – 7th) I’m planing to update escortintokyo.com

As the result of this – there will be slight design changes, and little bit different process when you are submitting ads, but overall everything will be the same. As for the design, the main change will be larger “featured ads”, as that is how the site brings back some money and only because of them we are still here.

The other reasons – it is being done to make site faster, appear better in search engines and to solve few minor bugs.

all the best,


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I have added a ribbon for featured ads

Blog November 26, 2013

Good morning,

I have added a function to our website that will display a Ribbon with a text “featured” on all the featured ads.

Here is a screenshot of it in action:

A screenshot where it is displayed how a "featured ribbon" looks like in action

That has been done in order to promote better those advertisers that have supported our resource with their payments and by that are allowing the site to be live.

Have a great day,


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We are mobile optimised – expect more..

Blog April 25, 2013

Good afternoon visitor (it is an afternoon of April 24th, 2013 in Japan when I write this quick post),

I am very proud to be able to shout out: “We Are Mobile Optimised!!!”.. Well, it means, that from now on visitors that wonder around escortintokyo.com on their mobile phones will see a quick loading and mobile optimised website that will make the process of finding their escort for the evening simple, fast and effective.

Here is the answer why it has been done (click on the image to view it larger):

Statistics of visitors that use mobile phones

As you can see, around 40% of our visitors view this website on their mobile phones and/or tablets. Continue reading …

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Our traffic statistics

Blog January 31, 2013

Escort in Tokyo

Our logo

The first of all – I want to thank you for coming over to learn more about escortintokyo.com

In this blog I will publish information that is relative to Tokyo escorts, our classifieds and the industry itself.

Bellow you can see the latest traffic statistics based on Google Analytics – they automatically update on daily basis. In order to make that possible we use the services of SeeTheStats.com and you can explore our page here: http://www.seethestats.com/site/escortintokyo.com

Well, if you want to see some other details – please let me know and I will update this post.

Continue reading …

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Support Forum – We need your feedback

I have just launched a community support forum http://escortintokyo-com.stackstaging.com/forums/

The basic idea is to improve the level and speed of customer support and to publish all the previous solutions and make them publicly available.

In few words - it should make escortintokyo.com even better place.

If I may ask - please go and post few lines at http://escortintokyo-com.stackstaging.com/forums/ as it will show me is it working and what needs to be improved.

As the reward - 10 posts/comments will give you 1 featured ad free of charge (max 5 rewards for 1 user)